7 spellbinding sex news stories we read this October

We're talking all things that go bump in the night

We're talking all things that go bump in the night

Sex. It used to sell newspapers and then the internet happened and news about sex got viral. And also free to read. As super keen-os when it comes to all things sex, sexuality, bodies and relationships, we’ve rounded up some of the more interesting and newsy-news stories we’ve read lately so you don’t have to trawl Facebook for them:

1. Herpes affects an estimated two thirds of the world’s population.

That’s right, people. Two. Thirds. No judgement, no shame. (Source: Evening Standard)

2. Harry Potter actor couldn’t get enough of his wand.

Radcliffe admits to being an ‘early’ (whatever that is) and avid adopter of masturbation (Source: Mashable)

3. When older does not equal wiser

STIs have risen rapidly among the over 65s (Source: Mirror)

4. Fit bits for the vagina make for a better sex life with the fit bod in your life

Even kegels have gone tech. Would you digitise your pelvic floor? (Source: Elle)

5. Tampon tax has everyone seeing red

Women are sick of a necessity being defined a luxury. Preach. (Source: Buzzfeed)

6. Seven things you only know if you were born with HIV

‘You are constantly amazed at how ill-informed everyone is’. Someone should produce an easy to use info and support site..(Source: The Debrief)

7. Porn for all seasons

Pornhub’s top searches this week come with extra fangtasy. Happy Halloween! (Source: The Refinery)