Jingle your bells - 5 sexy stocking fillers

Because there are only so many so many smellies, boxes of chocolate and pairs of socks one person needs, we’ve put together a shopping list of exciting stocking fillers for the Christmas crackers in your life. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself. The products linked to might be deemed as NSFW depending on where you work (but of course, you wouldn’t be doing your Christmas shopping at work anyway, amirite?)

Nippleicious nipple jewellery

We met the guys behind these at Sexpo and they are lots of fun. Their non-pierced nipple jewellery (think clip-ons but twist-on instead) has designs ranging through girly, exotic and more industrial or hardcore. Unlike nipple clamps, they’re completely adjustable meaning you can turn the pressure up or down whenever you want. There are also festive santa and snowmen adornments for those of you who like to get into the festive spirit at every opportunity. From £7.95 on Etsy or the nippleicious website

Screaming-o MustachiO

If Movember didn’t really do it for you, these will. Screaming-o, who describe their products as ideal for first time toy buyers (they’re even packaged like candy), have created MustachiO, a single speed vibrator that straps above your lip to amplify your oral. It’s made from soft latex too so none of the scratchiness of its follicular cousin. Available from Harmony, £9.99

Joint gift? Couples pack

Our friends at the FPA launched their own sex toy webshop earlier this year as part of their ongoing work to normalise conversations about sex and pleasure. We found this couples set featuring a cock ring, a bullet vibrator and a finger tingles toy. At £24.99 it’s kind of a bargain and some of the profit will help the FPA continue to support people with sexual and reproductive health matters. Which should give you a warm feeling. Available from FPA Pleasure, £24.99

Velcro wrist cuffs

Experimenting with bondage but not turned on by the idea of uncomfortable and rigid cuffs (yet)? Velcro cuffs are inexpensive and safe starter cuffs that you might never feel the need to graduate beyond (they’re padded!). Available from Lovehoney.com, £9.99

Imagination upgrade

Sex life getting a bit samey, or do you just need a bit of inspiration some days? From the Kama Sutra to the present day, helpful people have been writing about and drawing their sexual greatest hits. We searched low and high for a gender and sexuality inclusive book for y’all but publishers tend to keep their audiences separated; here’s a selection for different preferences - you can always adapt them rather than follow them rigidly:

2016 Daily Calendar. Sex in every day in every way. Available from Hive, £8.55

Gayma Sutra. Available from Winstons Bookshop, £6.34 +delivery

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book. Available from Sh!. £16.99 + delivery or collect for free in London

Whatever you do this Christmas, the SH:24 team wish you a very happy, sexy and safe festive time. Merry Christmas!