SH:24 street art

In my last blog post I talked about our approach to marketing – which is in every sense of the word agile.

However, there are some channels that we know will work without a great deal of testing.

This week saw the first of our partner clinics to carry our branding – and in no small way. Huge vinyl’s now adorn Burrell Street Clinic’s street facing windows – carrying some of our tried and tested vanilla messaging; discreet and quick. 

We've integrated NFC tags into the vinyl’s to allow passers-by to simply tap their phone and instantly access the order a test kit button (we will be tracking the taps)

And it doesn't stop at the windows – inside we have applied more branded graphics to the mighty table in their waiting room to act as a home for our discreet (but very handy) moo cards.

Applying vinyls to Burrell Street Clinic

Applying vinyls to Burrell Street Clinic

Vinyl’s will be applied to Camberwell Sexual Health Centre (which thousands pass on foot, bus, car and bicycle everyday) on April the 21st (we will be sure to Tweet).

We’re hoping that by taking advantage of the clinics prominent real estate, awareness will increase - among people who currently use clinics… and those who don’t.

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