SH:24 Summer festival wellbeing guide

Festivals are a great time to meet people

Festivals are a great time to meet people

With the sun (whispers) finally making an appearance and festival season getting started, SH:24 is planning to promote its service at some of the local festivals in Lambeth and Southwark (see links below). This got us thinking - we thought we'd share our top tips to help you feel your best through those long days and nights outdoors.

Baby wipes 

Always the first item in our backpacks – baby wipes are endlessly useful. From a quick mop of the last sticky reminder of a beer spill to freshening up from morning tent sweats or a full-body shower replacement (if that's your thing), a bumper pack of baby wipes will have you covered.

Coconut water 

Yes it tastes a bit funny, but bear with with us. Coconut water is often used by people to recover after sports as it speeds-up rehydration (it's the potassium). Rehydration is also key in beating a hangover if you have drunk too much. Really can't handle the taste? Add some squash or juice to take the edge off.


Loud music is one of the big draws of a festival, but prolonged exposure to anything over 85db can cause hearing damage. Festival speakers typically notch up around 110db or more. Damage can include hearing loss or permanent tinnitus (ringing or other noise). A pair of earplugs will not only protect your hearing but allow you to catch a bit of sleep when there's noise around you.

Be safe and informed

Drugs and alcohol can lead you (or your partner) to do things that you might not have done otherwise, or you might not want to do. You might find yourself in a situation that is beyond your control, or where you are unable to make clear decisions about sex. There are lots of places you can get more information about alcohol and drugs. You don’t have to talk to someone if you don’t want to. You can read information online, or make a confidential phone call.

Whatever you choose, it’s good to be informed so that you can keep yourself safe.

STI test 

Festivals are a great time to meet new people and we are sure many explore the limits of a one man tent at them. If you've had unprotected sex at any time during festival season it's a good idea to get tested. Maybe you've already taken some time off work already and don't have time to wait at a clinic, SH:24 could be a good option for you. Head over to our site to find out more and order a test.


Prevention is always better than cure! Condoms protect you from many infections. Event if you have used a condom you might still be worried – get tested or go to a clinic.

Keep it local

And if the idea of camping just isn't for you, there are plenty of free events around Lambeth and Southwark this summer to keep you entertained. Check out Lambeth Country Show, Camberwell Arts Festival and Bermondsey Carnival (c/o Southwark Presents) to get started – wherever you go this summer, have fun!