The good, the bad and the downright weird: sex and relationships advice from the people in our lives

You may be wondering what this has to do with our blog. Read on for one surprising tip...

You may be wondering what this has to do with our blog. Read on for one surprising tip...

Next week is the annual Sexual Health Week - led by FPA Charity. This year is all about sexual pleasure and wellbeing and one of the themes within this is education. Sex education in the UK can be patchy to say the least and there has been some great campaigning work by the PSHE Association, whose supporters include FPA, Brook Charity and Stonewall, to make PSHE a statutory part of the national curriculum. 

While researching our new information and support services we’ve heard that people get their info about sexual health from lots of places - Google, their GP, clinics, teachers, friends and family. We were intrigued to find out how good the non-professional advice could be so asked some people what the best and worst sex and relationships advice they’d had was, and who it was from (no names though, of course). 

The good

Time heals everything
— My mum - female, 27, New Cross

(Note from ed: Definitely broken hearts but not STIs - get a test, particularly if infidelity is a factor)

In a year 8 sex ed class about love and mutual respect, a girl asked if she would have to shave her pubes if her boyfriend wanted her to. The school nurse replied “You can do what you want and it’s not really up to him”
— School nurse - female, 22, Oxford
Draw a figure of 8 with your tongue on the other person’s genitalia. Works on any gender. You’re welcome.
— Bi male, 45

The bad

Always wee after unprotected sex as it washes away the sperm
— My friend's mum - Female, 27, Bristol
A friend of mine suggested it was unfair to ask a boyfriend of 6 months to wear a condom even though neither of us had been recently tested. After following this advice I was diagnosed with HPV and had to have a colposcopy to remove some abnormal cells as a result
— My friend - Female, 38, Tower Hamlets
You can’t get pregnant if you have sex during your period. My 4 year old is living proof you can.
— My friends - Female, 36, Loughton

The downright weird (or unclassifiable)

According to a hardened scene queen I knew, you could tell a top or bottom gay partner from the state of their fingernails. Perhaps useful if you subscribe to that polarised view of gay sex
— Friend - Male, 41, Southwest London
Never go to bed with a knife
— Anonymous, 48, on the run, somewhere in the UK *not really*
If you want him to eat it make sure you’re clean by washing your vagina with Dettol and fresh limes. This was unsolicited advice
— My hairdresser - Female, 23, South London

We definitely don’t advise trying the last one at home. Thanks to everyone who shared - we received so many it wasn’t possible to include them all. If you need information about sexual and genital health conditions you can check out our sexual health information pages, click below:

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