#MyPillStory and other sex & sexual health news on our screens this week

It's been a noisy week in the world of STI's but fear ye not! We love making life easier for you so we've taken some of the best headlines and popped 'em in a blog for your enjoyment. So without further ado:

1. There's nothing heroic about STI shaming

The condom company Hero was slammed for a campaign which cast people with STIs as promiscuous. (Source: The Huffington Post)

2. #MyPillLStory challenges the contraception narrative

The hashtag trended as people took to twitter to encourage others to understand all of their options before making contraceptive decisions. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

3. Staying STI and baby free in the party capital of South America

Verity Sullivan gives tips on how to stay safe in one of the sexiest cities on earth (Source: The Bubble Argentina)

4. Rocky relationship with your dilator?

Helloflo has some tips on how to bring some romance back into the relationship (Source: HelloFlo)

5. Sex Box returns to the box

We’ll be live tweeting on Monday night from 10 from @sh24_nhs (Source: Marie Claire)

6. PrEP conversation is far from over

NHSE stalls on access to PrEP but charities and campaigners aren’t backing down (Source: The Guardian)