July news - sex, health and other good stuff

We nudged our way into the corner of the shot (thanks Anatole!)

We nudged our way into the corner of the shot (thanks Anatole!)

With so much political pantomiming dominating the news agenda recently you may have missed some of the inspiring, interesting and offbeat goings on in the world of sexual health. So here they are, panic over!

Prince Harry delivers a Royal family first, testing for HIV live on Facebook

Our wonderful GSTT partner clinic, Burrell Street guided the prince through his test. He did this to help normalise testing. He even heard a little bit about SH:24. Our contributor, LSBSU Nursing Officer, Scott Ideson, will write more on that it next week so look out for that. Watch the whole vid and find out more (via Pink News) 

The clitoris gets a power up 

An injection of blood, branded an O-shot, is supposed to enhance clitoral stimulation. Some docs are unconvinced though (we're going to chat with our nurse about it). More about this on Broadly

Condoms get a re-design

We are eagerly awaiting our LELO Hex condom sample at SH:24 HQ. We'll review it for you when it arrives. In the meantime, check out their hugely successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Social media challenges are sometime really pants

We all got our knickers in a twist when we heard about the #PantyChallenge and that young women were posting pics of discharge free knickers on social, when really, a bit of discharge is totally normal and healthy. Silver lining though, commentators came our in force and everyone talked about discharge in a way more positive, accurate way. We like this Metro article: http://bit.ly/29THqqb

Geek love

The world rejoiced as it was revealed Star Trek was to get its first openly gay character. In series chronology that took lightyears. Or did it? We're a bit confused. More on Huffington Post http://huff.to/29IejUO