What's new in the world of sex toys?

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We’ve been keeping tabs on what’s going on in the world of sex toys so if you haven’t caught the buzz yet, don’t fret - here’s the lowdown on our favourite new developments

The BUCK-off is a new sex toy created by Buck Angel - trans man, producer of pornography, sex god. Now he’s added to his list of achievements by creating the first ever sex toy designed specifically for female-to-male trans people. The toy is shallower and wider than a usual masturbator and is designed to stimulate the clitoris when it is enlarged from testosterone. Buck hopes that usage will reduce the gender dysphoria that a significant proportion of trans people report feeling and help trans men connect with their bodies and their sexuality.

Lovense have been working hard to spice up your long distance relationship using what they refer to as “teledildonics”. They have created a vibrator and a masturbator that respond to one another remotely, so that your partner’s toy will mimic whatever your genitals are doing - the faster you move, the more your partner’s toy vibrates. It also comes with an encrypted video chat, and allows you to record the movements of the sex toy as well as capture audio so that you can enjoy the entire session again on demand!

The Oh Mi Bod massager has been around for a while but occupies a great space in the market. The vibrator syncs wirelessly with your iPod and vibrates with the rhythm of the music. The louder the music, the stronger the vibrations, which can make for some pretty dramatic orgasms. 

Lioness is perhaps the most technically savvy toy on the market at the moment. The vibrating equivalent of a fitbit, the lioness will capture data and send it to your phone. On average, how long does it take you to orgasm? How fast do you become aroused? Lioness works on the premise that the answers to these questions would help you work to improve your orgasm. They are expected to arrive on the scene in November but if you’re keen you can pre-order a Lioness now.

There’s also been a recent novelty sex toy boom. Check out this 10-speed vibrator modelled on everyone’s favourite emoji. Geeky Sex Toys, an online Etsy profile selling novelty sex toys has designed a line of silicone dildos inspired by the most adorable Pokémon. Head over to their site to purchase your very own Pikachu butt-plug.