Sober October: Week 2


It's week 2 of Sober October so we checked in with Mark and Leanne to see how they're getting on..

First up, have you remained sober?

Mark: Yes, 100% tee total!

Leanne: Yep, 100%.

What’s been hard about it?

Mark: It’s been tough. On Friday, the local bottle shop was doing tastings and trying to drag people in off the streets. On Saturday we decided to go for a walk around Spitalfields market in East London, unbeknown to myself there was a ‘pop up cocktail village’ to celebrate London Cocktail week - with the option to make your own old fashioned. Swiftly moving on from there and feeling parched we decided that a soda and lime would quench our thirst and stumbled into the Commercial Tavern, which looked like the Camden Brewery had thrown up all over it AND they were serving £6 cocktails as part of London cocktail week! FML.

Leanne: I was at a restaurant on Saturday night and it would have been the ideal time to have a nice glass of Malbec. My companion doesn’t drink much anyway so we asked for mocktail options. They didn’t have any but they put our elderflower presses in G&T glasses so we still felt a bit swank. I also went to my fave craft beer pub after a huge netball win and was hoping they’d have a zero-alcohol beer to celebrate but alas, there was only ginger beer.

Has anything good happened as a result of cutting out alcohol?

Mark: I’ve had much better quality sleep and have found myself exercising more, my eyes feel less dry and irritated and I feel much more positive and less sluggish. I’m getting up a bit earlier and am making the effort to have a decent breakfast and am taking a ‘pack up’ lunch into work, this is making me eat much more healthily and save money.

Leanne: My resting heart rate has come right down and is staying there (thanks, Fitbit). I feel way clearer headed and my netball game was poppin’ (if I do say so). I even went to my first spin class on Saturday. I’m still not convinced that was a good thing, though.

Are you still on course to complete the month booze free?

Mark: I think I will, it’s going to be tough. I won a competition I didn’t enter courtesy of Oktoberfest Croydon. Apparently I won a free table for 8 people on the 27th October! I have got tickets in a box to see Metallica at the 02 on the 22nd October - early reports indicate a free bar. Wish me luck!

Leanne: I *think* so. There’s a halloween party towards the end of the month which is going to be a bit of a tempting time but it’s with a group of people who are fun whether or not there’s alcohol involved.

Mark and Leanne will be back with their week 3 report next week