5 Step Sexercise Guide

5 step sexercise guide

Health and fitness coach, Phil Hyland is here to give you some some practical advice on the surprising ways exercise can improve your sex life…

Exercise. To some, just the sight of the word induces nausea and cold sweats, while others retreat to the safety of their duvet.

This could be because of laziness, fear of injury, something more personal, or because of the huge pressure some of us feel to ‘lose weight’, which can induce a host of negative thoughts and feelings about these good ol’ bodies of ours.

But exercise is about more than changing your body shape.

Yes yes yes.

There a loads of benefits which are regularly rammed down our throats, but today I want to share with you something you may never have read before:

Phil The Burn’s Alternative 5 Step Sexercise Guide.

You can thank me later.


Step 1 -  Woo Your Mate

Just like those birds of paradise who attract their mate with colourful displays of feather arrangements, you too can throw shapes to ‘entice’ your love buddy. The lunge and arm throw is not only an great way to develop your legs and help keep your spine in good health way into your pensionable years, it’s also an EXCELLENT dance move.

3 sets of 12 – 15 on each leg *could* help you successfully woo that lovely person you’ve had your eye on (if not, your consolation prize is a powerful set of legs)

Step 2 – Sock Removal Made Cool

You’ve successfully completed Step 1 and stuff’s getting real. It’s gonna happen. In the movies they cleverly edit the transition between snogging on the sofa, and naked bed time. You know why? Because it’s scientifically proven to be IMPOSSIBLE to remove your clothes in a smooth and sexy way. But never fear, I’ve solved it. Well, the sock issue at least.

Give this a go and you’ll be whipping your socks off faster than you can say “the moment’s gone”.

Oh, and it’ll give your abs a decent workout too.

3 sets of 20 (where 1 sock equals 1 repetition). For best results ACTUALLY wear 10 pairs of socks and ACTUALLY remove them.



Step 3 – Condom Sprints


Condom dash

You forgot to check the condom drawer. You’ve gone through it 5 times, the drawer contents are all over the floor and the mood’s dropping faster than your pants. The garage closes in 10 mins. If you’re quick you can make it.

Lucky for you those sprints you included in your latest training plan mean you’ll make it in time.

Prepare yourself for the ‘condom dash’ by doing some of this:

Run as fast as you humanly can for 20 secs. Rest for 10 secs. Repeat 8 (yes, 8) times.


Garage mission complete. Now it’s time to get down to action. Whether you like to be more active or just sit back and let the magic happen,  if you are stronger, sex will just BE BETTER.

Increased strength = less effort = more enjoyable

3 sets of 12 -15 reps of each of these will get you started.

Sumo Squats

Press Ups

Glute Bridges


Step 5 – Staying Power

“I can hardly breathe…”

“But I can’t… stop… yet”

We’ve all been there. You’re flagging. They’re not. You don’t want to give up for a breather, you’ve waited bloody ages for this moment. But your heart feels as though it’s about to burst from your chest in some weird alien-esque type sex scene.

You start to regret giving up those cardio sessions.  

But a regular low intensity, longer duration (45mins +) cardio session each week will help you in a few ways.

It’ll help your body to become better at using fat as a fuel.

It’ll help improve recovery in other areas of training (and between ‘bedroom bouts’).

It’s a great excuse to get out for some fresh air, clear your thoughts and pay a bit of attention to your mind.

A quick bit about CARDIO:

A lot of people think ‘cardio’ is THE BEST way to get healthier. It’s not. The BEST way is any activity that you can do CONSISTENTLY. It really is as easy as that. Choose an activity you at least half enjoy because if you HATE every minute, why on earth would you stick at it?

So hop to it!

Phil The Burn is a health and fitness coach based in London - for more health, fitness and general ranting from him, head over to @thephiltheburn on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.