My work placement at SH:24

This week's blog is from Andre Loureiro, who joined us in February for a 10 week work placement. Now, as it comes to an end, we’re hearing from Andre about his experiences here.

During my time at SH:24 I got to do various tasks and learn new skills.

Putting the pictures up on the wall as part of my office branding task.

Putting the pictures up on the wall as part of my office branding task.

One of the tasks I got to do was to brand the office. I got to go different places in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark like Vauxhall, London Bridge and Clapham to take pictures. Then I had to select them, show them to everyone and ask which ones people would like more. Next I had to research which place would be the best to print the pictures, then i got to find out where it would be cheaper to buy foam board to mount the pictures and the last thing was to get the spray mount and glue the pictures .What I learned was that there is a specific way to use the spray mount. I learned it by having various tries and fails because what i was doing was ruining the pictures and the foam board so i had to spray it less and from a distance.

Whilst at SH:24 I got to learn how to write and send formal emails and make the emails look more professional. I also got to learn how to use Google docs and perfect them and I also gained new computer skills.

Picking and packing the kits in the distribution hub.

Picking and packing the kits in the distribution hub.

Another task I got to do was helping the distribution team packing the kits which was a good experience. I got to learn how to be organised and work quickly.I also got to attend meetings and conferences with the SH:24 team. One of the tedious tasks I had to do was shredding loads of paper work.

An interesting thing I got to do was going out to different clinics in and out of London to on-board SH:24 and there I got to learn various things such as how many patients come into their clinic. I also got to know how different clinics work.

One of the more interesting tasks I got to do was with my SH:24 teammate Linnea and was to redesign the SH:24 Instagram to make it more appealing and more dynamic. The things I got to do in that task were searching for what type of pictures we would post on it, what colours we would use and what would flow with the SH:24 Instagram.

Another thing I got to do was help people around with their work for example if they needed to look for something online or make sure that the writing that they were using was appealing to the younger public. I also did some research for various different people and tasks such as looking for vans, researching awards and awards deadlines. 

So in general the experience was amazing. The people were amazing, they were like a family to me. I got to say that I’ve learnt so much in these 10 weeks and I can say that this work placement has fully changed my life for the better so I want to thank everyone at SH:24 for everything they have done for me .

Thanks Andre, we’ve really enjoyed having you. Good luck at your new job - and come back and see us soon!