sexual health

World AIDS Day: blog takeover!

Today, and 1 December every year, mark World AIDS Day - a particularly significant day for me. I'm a gay man. I live in an area where prevalence of those living with HIV is higher than anywhere else in the country. I'm also a student nurse with an interest in pursuing a career in HIV care in the future. It's with that in mind I write this blog and reflect on how far we've come over the years.

KCL Sexpression: blog takeover!

As it's the last day of #SexualHealthWeek2015 and fresher's weeks are getting into full swing across the country, we teamed up with our friends at KCL Sexpression for this week's blog post on how to communicate with your partner about what you want from sex.

Be Sex Positive: blog takeover!

We're big fans of Brook's BeSexPositive campaign - its mission to challenge society's negative perceptions of sex and give young people the information and support to make healthy decisions about sex is something we support and want to play a role in. One of the campaign's volunteers Hayley, took the time to write and video blog about what sex positivity means to her.