After many post-it notes…MVP#1 beta demo’ed to advisory board


Board members have been involved throughout the development of MVP#1 – making-up an important cohort of testers who have trialed prototypes of the service as SH:24 has undergone its iterative process of building, testing and learning.

Chris (our service development director) provided a demo that revealed the full scope of the service for the user – from ordering a test online, receiving a test kit in the post, returning the sample to the lab, to getting results by text message or a telephone call and being referred into a clinic if there is a positive result. Chris maintained composure when at one point there was an attempt to see what was demo’ing – until we clocked he was the window cleaner!

Test kits were circulated during the meeting to give people a flavour of the complete end-to-end process and highlighted how a design-led approach has helped to create packaging and instructions that now revolve around users’ needs instead of clinic and lab requirements.

The board heard how SH:24 had met and exceeded NHS standards for information governance and security, with its approach approved by both the IG committees of the NHS Foundation Trusts it works with. It was also updated on SH:24’s online safeguarding policy and protocol that is being developed in conjunction with Lambeth and Southwark safeguarding boards, and in consultation with young people and safeguarding experts.

While SH:24 aims to revolutionise sex and reproductive health through digital and remote technologies it has become increasingly clear that the service is as much, if not more, about the human interactions and wider integration with other services (and associated processes) that are triggered when a user places an order. Successful development of a digital front-line service, like SH:24, hinges on creating partnerships that harness this non digital element too.

So SH:24 held its first minimum viable (Christmas) party earlier this week – to say thank you for the support and help SH:24 partners have provided over the past year  in the development of its first MVP. We look forward to continued collaboration next year! Thank you and happy Christmas!