Alpha sprint 3

10 July - 23 July

Advisory board test

We wanted to run an experiment with some "friendlies" and took advantage of the upcoming advisory board meeting to test two parts of the process. We invited fifteen members of the board to order test kits using our online form and bring them with them to the meeting. This provided a opportunity for us to test out the packing and posting process and build some rudimentary admin tools to log kits being dispatched. Very positive feedback was gathered during a workshop session at the meeting.

Order form

Whilst the test with the advisory board was being run, we started to experiment with the data flow of the form (see below) and built some interactive prototypes. 

We also moved away from the GDS styling to allow us to start experimenting with layout and fonts a little.


User testing

Within the clinics we explored how people would react to the test kits in their raw form straight from the labs, asking them to open the package and talk us through what they found. We looked at the paper instructions provided by the various suppliers and tested whether users would be prepared to follow online instructions on their phones whilst completing the test.

Instructions delivered via mobile phone

Instructions delivered via mobile phone

We also ran through the testing process ourselves and videoed the process to share with other stakeholders.

Lab integration

We began to explore the speed with which we would be able to integrate with lab systems in order to retrieve results and get them to our users as quickly as possible. Aside from the quality of the lab services provided it's crucial for our progress that we find a lab partner that can keep pace with our agile approach. We made great progress and reached a point whereby we were able to send and retrieve HL7 messages to and from a potential lab partner.

IG & Hosting

Progress was slow on the N3 hosting but we did make good progress with the information governance paper and dialogue with the trust IG leads allowing us to put together our terms & conditions for the alpha phase.


The SH24 branding agency MultiAdaptor had been creating the initial brand straw man with SH24 stakeholders and we began the process of integrating their team into the service design and delivery team.