Five thousand orders, 72% return rate and national demand!

We are chuffed to report that we have now sent out over 5,000 kits since our launch in March and our return rate still on the rise. We're still popular with the ladies - 61% of people who order a kit are women, 39% men (this has been fairly consistent), with almost an even split across Lambeth and Southwark.

As we mentioned, our return rate gets higher every month. It has now risen from 68% to 72%, a sign that we are successfully supporting users through the process of testing at home, which we know can sometimes be challenging. This increase is a product of our design-led approach to development, which allows us to respond to people's needs and experiences modify the service accordingly.

As well as offering a service for higher risk users, SH:24 aims to shift a proportion of asymptomatic activity (94% of our users are asymptomatic) from clinics so that they can use their time and expertise to handle more complex cases.

We are happy to report that 100% of users who have tested positive through SH:24 to date have been referred into local services.

The only thing we love more than nerding out over the data we pore over every month is user feedback - we just can't get enough of it. This month our collective days were made by a message from someone who has used the service recently:

"Please make this service available London-wide as I know many people who live in boroughs other than Southwark and Lambeth who are too embarrassed to go to a sexual health clinic, this service could be life saving, it shouldn't be a select few who have access to it."

And it’s not just people in London who think the service should be available more widely (or would in fact, like to use it). This month we mapped the locations of people who tried to order a kit through our site. It’s clear that people are keen to access a service like SH:24 from all over the UK. Someone once even tried to order a kit from Bogotá!

We also received a phone call from a user who told us that our service was “pretty sweet”. Seriously, we’re blushing (tell all your friends though, please!)

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