Meet the team: Andre, SH:24 Co-ordinator

SH:24 is a start-up community interest company. We are a small, agile and highly collaborative team that works from a number of locations across Lambeth and Southwark including specialist sexual health clinics, King’s College London and our new office just off Westminster Bridge Road. When we aren’t working together in person we’re talking on Slack!

So this week we would like to introduce you to our awesome co-ordinator, Andre. Andre looks after our day-to-day business, represents SH:24 at events and is often the person responding to your email enquiries (

How did you get here?

While working in primary care research, I was roped in (SH:24 team: we prefer to think of it as headhunted!) by Gillian Holdsworth (SH:24 programme director), who I worked with during my public health years. Back in the 90s I’d done a bit of voluntary health promotion work with the Terrence Higgins Trust, so I already had an interest in sexual health.

What do you love about the project?

As corny as it sounds, meeting the locals. Lambeth and Southwark residents aren’t exactly shy about giving an opinion (which I love) and it’s great to be able to be part of something that makes people’s lives easier. Having queued for several hours in a central London clinic, I appreciate the benefits of home testing.

What have you found most surprising?

You hear some very interesting tales on the job – one involving a cab driver and tin of vim household cleaner particularly comes to mind! I guess the willingness of people to share their experiences, and de-stigmatize sexual health. People tweeting about their experiences of using the service is a great way of feeding back and helping others to feel more open about talking about sexual health. It’s great that people from different walks of life are willing to tell their stories and add their own contribution to making our service more effective.