Meet the team: Mark

Following a gruelling three rounds of interviews for our recently advertised Business Development Manager position, Mark Clune joined us earlier this week and was met with much excitement from the team. To top off his first week we've decided to grill him about what he thinks of us so far and what he's up to at the weekend.

What brings you here then?

I was attracted to the role at SH:24 after meeting Glyn at a market warming event in my previous job. As part of the procurement for that contract I developed an integrated service design which included SH:24. As part of this I came to 4 Whitehorse Mews (SH:24 HQ) and found out more about how it had been set up. It became apparent to me that SH:24 was going to expand very quickly. I’m passionate about improving population health and wellbeing for as many people as possible and I think that SH:24 will do that. I believe in this role I can help more people have access to SH:24 and better sexual health for it.

And what were you doing before this?

Previously I was the lead for Health Improvement Services for a CIC in South East London. This had a Smoking team, Sexual Health Team, Healthy Weight Team and a Lifestyles team. Prior to this I was the lead for a Children and Young Peoples Health Improvement Service in Camden that focused on obesity and smoking prevention.

What do you see the major differences being between this and ways you've worked before? 

I think in this role the agile way of working will give me the opportunity to explore ideas to improve the service quite quickly. I like the way the team quickly tests things in development and keeps what works or switches it up if they need to. The flat structure and lack of hierarchy feels like a very collaborative environment. I'm also looking forward to working with trusts and commissioners across the country, my last two roles were very London-centric. Understanding the different health needs, what drives them and how SH:24 can work to support other regions is a great new challenge.

You've been here for four days now, what have been the best parts of the week?

The best parts of week one have been meeting the team (who are all super nice and cool) and talking about SH:24 to commissioners in different parts of the country.

Finally, because we're super nosey, are you doing at the weekend?

Watching Rugby League on Sky, meeting my parents for lunch, helping my friend move house, going for a run, will do a ‘big shop’, cook some food and find a Sunday night film to watch with my wife before coming back in on Monday. I ALWAYS record Saturday kitchen I’m very sad James Martin is leaving (Ed: Whaaat? James Martin IS Saturday Kitchen) so will hopefully find some time to watch that!

Thanks Mark, it's been a great week. We're really excited to have you on board. Mark's diary is already filling up but he's happy to make time for a chat about how we can work with you:

Email Mark at or follow him on twitter