314 test orders and counting…


Since launching in March, we have received 314 orders, 59% were ordered by women and 41% by men.

The website has received 1,345 visitors, 71% of which are new and 6,340 page views.

As a lean start-up we have veered away from a hard launch (vigorous marketing and advertising campaigns). Instead we have softly launched the service, testing out various ways of raising awareness. We are therefore really encouraged by these early take-up figures.

Demand for sexual health services in Lambeth and Southwark is high.

One of our key objectives is to shift some STI testing activity online to free-up resources for more complex cases in clinics.  

So early promotion of the service has consequently focused on ensuring people accessing specialist sexual health services know there is an online alternative. Having developed close partnerships with our local specialist clinics, community sexual health clinics, GPs and pharmacies across Lambeth and Southwark during the development of the service, we now have modest posters and Moo cards displayed in all of these settings. Our data shows that this has had a real impact with 57% of users arriving at our website by directly inputting our URL into their browsers. This seems to confirm that people are happy to test using online services.

We have also been organically developing our digital presence online, which has created some early positive signs. Without any advertising we are seeing 12% of people arriving at the website from social media channels and 16% by searching for us.

The early signs are encouraging; we look forward to continuing to share our stats with you.

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