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SH:24 response to Guardian article: 'Cuts to sexual health services will lead to STI 'explosion', warn experts'

Sexual health made headlines yesterday as shadow public health minister, Andrew Gwynne claimed in The Guardian that the Labour Party’s analysis had found as much as £40 million could be cut from local councils’ sexual health budgets and that this would have a consequent effect on (already increasing) STI rates. This analysis doesn’t take into account the opportunity for online STI testing services to deliver efficiency savings and improve access to STI testing through remote home testing.


Communicating contraceptive choice

We’re having a little fanfare moment today as our contraception information and support pages have this week gone live. To put in context why we’ve done this work, we invited King’s College Hospital’s HIV, sexual health and contraception doctor, Dr. Verity Sullivan to write this week’s blog on her experiences with working with women and contraception...