What’s it like to... get a coil fitted? #ThePOW

With longer-lasting contraception growing in popularity, we answered the question: what’s it like to get the coil fitted?

For more on contraception choices and to view or discuss experiences of other users - along with personalised advice from a doctor - visit the free SH:24 contraception forum The Pill or What? #ThePOW

#STIFriday - Can I take an STI test while I have my period?

STI Friday: Every Friday, the clinical team will answer the questions you’ve asked us about STI testing and symptoms and share these responses via Twitter.

This week: Can I take an STI test while I have my period? #STIFriday

Getting the pill online: our free service in Lambeth and Southwark that doesn’t need sugar-coating

Did you know that Southwark and Lambeth residents can order the pill for free online through SH:24? 

The first free service of its kind in the UK, SH:24 has been providing combined oral contraception (COC) online to those living in these boroughs since March 2017.

If you like using the contraceptive service, and would like to see it continue and grow, consider participating in some of the research happening alongside SH:24. Not only will you be sharing your contraceptive experiences with us, but you’ll also be contributing to the development of SH:24 and the future improvement of NHS services.

Leaving a sexual health legacy for South East London

At SH:24, our success story began with a chance challenge from a trainee – “why don’t you put STI testing online” - in 2011, to the development of the first online specialist sexual and reproductive health service that is co-designed with service users.

We hope you will find the findings and research in our report a timely reminder of the local impact we've contributed to, how far the local sexual health economy has come - and how far it still has to go.

GDPR - power to the people in a digital age

As we’ve engaged and built relationships with users, one of the most audible messages from them was that they wanted the service to be highly confidential and discrete.

GDPR clarifies where responsibility for privacy protection lies with any organisations who collect, store, manage, process and analyse any form of personal data. The new law is therefore obviously very relevant to SH:24, and we welcome its introduction.

Your guide to the Eurovision party that’ll show up on everyone’s gaydar

Eurovision Song Contest is without a doubt an international spectacle at the heart of many LGBTQ+ calendars. Whether you’re a hard-core fan that’s spent the last six months prepping, or you were unaware there was anything going on before the finals, throwing the best Eurovision Party that has guests yelling “We are the heroes of our time” is probably at the top of your list. So let this be the year you finally face your Waterloo and make it a night to remember! Overwhelmed already?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered (we always keep it covered). Here are our top tips for having a safe, queer Eurovision extravaganza this Saturday.

Guest blog: Neela Doležalová, playwright, 'The Talk'

Playwright Neela Doležalová blogs for SH:24 about her funny and moving new play that she’s bringing to Vault Festival in Vauxhall, London this month about that lesson at school with all the bananas (no, not home economics).

Over a whole year, Neela asked friends and strangers questions about the sex education they received, and they shared their memories and stories.