Digital inception meeting

On the 12th of June the team gathered at the Weston Education Centre in Camberwell for a workshop designed to introduce the newly appointed digital delivery team from Unboxed to the rest of the SH24 stakeholders and mark the transition from discovery phase into alpha.

Having spent the previous week reviewing the evidence and artifacts already gathered during the discovery phase, the Unboxed team had prepared a set of activities to explore assumptions and establish a shared understanding within the larger group.

The core team were present during the morning session and we were able to run through the proposed alpha user journey taking feedback and discussing possible risks. We were joined by a representative from the testing lab allowing us to explore in detail the process of packaging and delivering test kits, how they would be processed by the labs and how we might retrieve results, notify users and integrate the data back into the SH24 system.

We also carried out an extremely valuable session to ascertain the minimum data set required to deliver the service effectively whilst minimizing the burden on the service user.

In the afternoon session we were joined by clinical leads and other stakeholders. We reviewed the activities from the morning and validated our thinking around data from the clinical perspective. We were also able to run through the proposed alpha and beta timelines to make sure expectations were roughly aligned.

The final session of the day was spent looking at how we might measure success at a high level and at each stage of the the users journey through the service.