Our guide to great holiday sex

Summer is in full swing so it’s time to get serious about your summer holi-lays. We’ve got your back with some tips and tricks to help things go smoothly.

We all know the perils of getting abroad and realising our mobile network has left us high and dry for a week with no Instagram updates or Whatsapp chats. Make sure you've sorted out your roaming before you head out so that you can let your friends know where you are in the event of impromptu adult sleepovers.

Always carry condoms and lube, your two best friends in a holiday hook up situation. Condoms can double up as a dental dam, and lube just makes everything better. Just make sure you don't take your lube in your hand luggage unless it's below 100ml!

Getting caught in the sun is one thing. Rubbing your sunburn all over a stranger's sweaty bod is another, much more painful, thing. Always take some aloe vera with you on your hols to soothe burns - you’ll thank us!

If you're dehydrated, alcohol can affect you more (and make your hangovers significantly worse!). Make sure you're drinking at least two litres of water a day, and try and have a glass of water for every cocktail.

Make sure you know your way home and have a licensed taxi number ready for emergencies. If you're feeling too drunk, let a friend know and make a swift and safe exit.

Taking the pill at the same time every day is complicated enough, but have you ever tried it in a different time zone?! Make sure you know what the time difference is, and adjust your routine. You might need to set a reminder on your phone.

Take a blanket to the beach! We can’t stress this enough. Things might get heated at that beach bbq and you don’t want sand in your buns!

Always tell your friends where you’re going - it’s not just a boast, it’s a safety thing too.

Lots of people set out on hols with a morning after pill in their bag, but it’s always better to think about regular, longer lasting contraception. Take a look at our contraception pages to try and find the right method for you.

And finally, when you get back, if you've had unprotected sex it's a good idea to get an STI test, but don’t forget to check window periods first!